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  • Manuka Honey

    Manuka, New Zealand’s wonder honey
    It is not surprising that New Zealand, a country that is known for its pristine beauty and abundant natural resources produces what is considered as one of the most sought-after honey’s of the world. New Zealand’s bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush is the source of what is considered
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  • Health Benefits of Honey for the Home

    One of nature’s very flexible remedy is honey. It’s a good thing to have one readily available at home. Honey has been known to have remarkable effects over hundreds of years. Honey was not only offered to gods by the Egyptians, they used honey for embalming and healing wounds. Nowadays, it is a widely accepted
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  • Does Manuka Honey Actually Make Me Healthier?

    Manuka Honey has the ability to make people a lot stronger since it’s taken from bee pollen and also from the New Zealand Manuka bush. Manuka Honey has properties that can fight bacteria and microbes which do wonders for wounds and infections. It can also help to give you beautiful skin. It is good for
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  • Does Calcium and Honey Assist with Weight Loss?

    Fat loss involves a good diet plan. People often become fat when following the wrong diet plan, so as long as you have ensured that you don’t have thyroid problems which need to be investigated then try out my suggestions below for two great ways to help your body decrease body fat levels and with
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  • Honey face wash

    First off, though, you might be wondering why you’d even want to wash your face with honey and what the benefits of honey on face really are.
    Honey is not like most commercial cleansers that full of unhealthy chemicals that you would not want to your body to absorb.
    Thankfully, honey is a great natural
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